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Sotrovimab COVID-19 studies. Efficacy is variant dependent. In Vitro studies suggest lower efficacy for omicron BA.1 [Liu, Sheward, VanBlargan] and no efficacy for omicron BA.2 [Zhou]. US EUA has been revoked. Monoclonal antibody use with variants can be associated with prolonged viral loads, clinical deterioration, and immune escape [Choudhary]. Recent:
Sotrovimab has been officially adopted for early treatment in 10 countries. Submit updates/corrections.
Oct 4
Covid Analysis (Preprint) (meta analysis) Sotrovimab for COVID-19: real-time meta analysis of 9 studies
Statistically significant improvements are seen for mortality and hospitalization. 5 studies from 5 independent teams in 2 different countries show statistically significant improvements in isolation (2 for the most serious outcome). • ..
Sep 11
Cheng et al., medRxiv, doi:10.1101/2022.09.07.22279497 (Preprint) Real-world Effectiveness of Sotrovimab for the Early Treatment of COVID-19 During SARS-CoV-2 Delta and Omicron Waves in the United States
88% lower mortality [p<0.0001] and 61% lower hospitalization [p<0.0001]. Retrospective 1,530,501 high-risk patients in the USA, 15,633 treated with sotrovimab, showing significantly lower mortality and hospitalization with treatment. Sotrovimab maintained efficacy throughout the period analyzed - September 202..
Sep 9
Kneidinger et al., Infection, doi:10.1007/s15010-022-01914-8 Outcome of lung transplant recipients infected with SARS-CoV-2/Omicron/B.1.1.529: a Nationwide German study
20% higher severe cases [p=0.79]. Retrospective 218 COVID+ lung transplant patients in Germany, showing no significant difference in severe cases with early sotrovimab use.
Aug 1
Piccicacco et al., Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, doi:10.1093/jac/dkac256 Real-world effectiveness of early remdesivir and sotrovimab in the highest-risk COVID-19 outpatients during the Omicron surge
35% lower hospitalization [p=0.46], 66% fewer combined hospitalization/ER visits [p=0.01], and 90% lower progression [p=0.009]. Retrospective high-risk outpatients in the USA, 82 treated with remdesivir, 88 with sotrovimab, and 90 control patients, showing significantly lower combined hospitalization/ER visits with both treatments in unadjusted results. The domina..
Jun 18
Aggarwal et al., medRxiv, doi:10.1101/2022.06.17.22276575 (Preprint) Change in Effectiveness of Sotrovimab for Preventing Hospitalization and Mortality in COVID-19 Outpatients During the Omicron Phase
38% lower mortality [p=0.62], 18% lower hospitalization [p=0.32], and 3% higher progression [p=0.83]. Retrospective 30,247 outpatients in the USA, showing no significant differences with sotrovimab with omicron BA.1.
Apr 21
Zaqout et al., medRxiv, doi:10.1101/2022.04.21.22274060 (Preprint) Effectiveness of the neutralizing antibody sotrovimab among high-risk patients with mild to moderate SARS-CoV-2 in Qatar
165% higher progression [p=0.19]. Retrospective 345 sotrovimab treated patients in Qatar matched with 583 patients that opted not to receive treatment, showing higher progression with treatment, without statistical significance.
Apr 5
FDA (News) FDA updates Sotrovimab emergency use authorization
FDA has revoked sotrovimab's authorization in all regions due to predicted low efficacy with BA.2, and BA.2 exceeding 50% prevalence in all regions.
Apr 5
Aggarwal et al., medRxiv, doi:10.1101/2022.04.03.22273360 (Preprint) Real-World Evidence of the Neutralizing Monoclonal Antibody Sotrovimab for Preventing Hospitalization and Mortality in COVID-19 Outpatients
89% lower mortality [p=0.05] and 62% lower hospitalization [p=0.002]. Retrospective 522 sotrovimab patients and matched controls in the USA, showing significantly lower hospitalization and mortality with treatment.
Mar 5
Ong et al., Antibiotics, doi:10.3390/antibiotics11030345 Real-World Use of Sotrovimab for Pre-Emptive Treatment in High-Risk Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients: An Observational Cross-Sectional Study
56% lower ICU admission [p=0.35] and 59% lower progression [p=0.05]. Retrospective 19 sotrovimab patients and 75 controls is Singapore, showing lower progression with treatment.
Feb 16
Zhou et al., bioRxiv, doi:10.1101/2022.02.15.480166 (Preprint) (In Vitro) SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.2 Variant Evades Neutralization by Therapeutic Monoclonal Antibodies
In Vitro study showing that omicron BA.2 evades all monoclonal antibodies tested, including sotrovimab and tixagevimab/cilgavimab which retained activity for omicron BA.1.
Dec 23
Self et al., The Lancet Infectious Diseases, doi:10.1016/S1473-3099(21)00751-9 Efficacy and safety of two neutralising monoclonal antibody therapies, sotrovimab and BRII-196 plus BRII-198, for adults hospitalised with COVID-19 (TICO): a randomised controlled trial
2% higher mortality [p=0.96] and 11% improved recovery [p=0.29]. RCT with 182 sotrovimab patients and 178 control patients, median 8 days from symptom onset, showing no significant differences and terminated early due to futility.
Dec 21
Rockett et al., medRxiv, doi:10.1101/2021.12.18.21267628 (Preprint) Resistance conferring mutations in SARS-CoV-2 delta following sotrovimab infusion
Retrospective 100 sotrovimab patients in Australia, 23 PCR+ more than 10 days post-infusion (68 with status unknown), showing rapid development of spike gene mutations that have been shown to confer high level resistance to sotrovimab in ..
Dec 20
Sheward et al., bioRxiv, doi:10.1101/2021.12.19.473354 (Preprint) (In Vitro) Variable loss of antibody potency against SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.529 (Omicron)
In Vitro study showing that omicron is substantially resistant to neutralization by monoclonal antibodies REGN10933, REGN10987, Ly-CoV016 and Ly-CoV555. S309 (the parent of Sotrovimab) had only 2-fold loss in potency.
Dec 17
VanBlargan et al., bioRxiv, doi:10.1101/2021.12.15.472828 (Preprint) (In Vitro) An infectious SARS-CoV-2 B.1.1.529 Omicron virus escapes neutralization by several therapeutic monoclonal antibodies
In vitro study (Vero-TMPRSS2 and Vero-hACE2-TMPRSS2) showing complete loss of inhibitory activity for B.1.1.529 omicron with LY-CoV555, LY-CoV016, REGN10933, REGN10987, and CT-P59, ~12-fold decrease for COV2-2196/COV2-2130, and minimal ch..
Dec 15
Liu et al., bioRxiv, doi:10.1101/2021.12.14.472719 (Preprint) (In Vitro) Striking Antibody Evasion Manifested by the Omicron Variant of SARS-CoV-2
In vitro study (Vero-E6-TMPRSS2) showing 18 of 19 monoclonal antibodies were no longer effective or significantly impaired with B.1.1.529 omicron.
Dec 4
Gupta et al., JAMA, doi:10.1001/jama.2022.2832 (results published 12/4/21) Effect of Sotrovimab on Hospitalization or Death Among High-risk Patients With Mild to Moderate COVID-19
89% lower ventilation [p=0.12], 75% lower progression [p=0.0004], and 79% lower combined mortality/hospitalization [p=0.0004]. RCT 1,057 outpatients, 529 treated with sotrovimab, showing significantly lower hospitalization >24h or mortality with treatment.
May 26
Gupta et al., NEJM, doi:10.1056/NEJMoa2107934 (news release 5/26/2021) (Preprint) Early Treatment for Covid-19 with SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Antibody Sotrovimab
91% lower ICU admission [p=0.06] and 81% lower hospitalization [p=0.0007]. Interim results from the COMET-ICE trial showing significantly lower hospitalization with treatment. NCT04545060.
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